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The first people analytics platform for higher education.

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How does it work?

We turn the resume into the starting point for launching students’ career discussions with advisors, professors, alumni, and fellow classmates. As students progress through their program, they improve their resumes along the way.

Career Service Success Leads to Happier Students

Bring your entire college community into the career service process. With a decentralized and integrated approach to career services, students begin their career service process the first day of class and move a step closer with every class they take. Assisting your students in having successful career outcomes is an essential long-term growth strategy. Our platform provides your college with a cost-effective career service model to equally support your onsite or online students


Meaningful Long-term Tool for Alumni

After graduation, alumni can continue to access, update, and collaborate on their resume. As alumni update their resumes, you are able to follow their progress, and continue to assist them. As your alumni update their resume, we provides you with the tracking tools you need to report statistics to prospective students, accreditation committees, or regulators.


Long-term Campus Growth through Referrals

The first student referral platform to help you achieve 100% organic growth. 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising. Our personalized career education platform focuses on servicing the individual needs of students, so that they can help provide additional growth to your institution. By focusing on helping students work towards their career goals, students can help you achieve your enrollment goals. Some of your students are already doing this. Our unique technology can leverage all your students to assist in your campus success.

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