Success is a
community effort

A new delightfully efficient way to build, update, and collaborate
privately on your resume and career direction with your friends.

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How does it work?

Build and maintain an updated resume seamlessly and with better results,
by allowing your peers to join in the process.

Introducing our beautiful resume builder.

You’ve never written on something like this before. Our content-focused editor allows you to produce the best resume first, then select the right template to match your content.


Ask advice from friends and colleagues.

Put your best foot forward by allowing those around you to assist in your career progress. Building your resume doesn’t have to be painful or boring. We believe in the value of feedback, so we are making it easier to hear thoughts from your peers.


Collaborate towards a better career.

Invite peers easily, who can with one click securely offer you advice, no account or signup required. Upon reviewing your resume, your friends can submit edits or comments for your approval.

Make each step in your career path impactful with the support of those around you.

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